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Our Future Mobility Now is lucky to have a number of both regular and occasional contributors, who enrich the project with their diverse, engaging and competing opinions and comments.

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 Our Contributors

Charles is 25 and based in Brussels, He works at OFMN Headquarters. He’s been working on OFMN since 2011, commenting on everything from skills, to innovation and technology. Charles is British, but grew up in Belgium. He speaks English, French, German and pretends to speak Dutch.



Matthias is a Transformation Designer based out of Hamburg, Germany with a background in Media Art and Design, event curation,strategy and innovation consulting. He writes for WEAVE magazine and hosts his event series Checkdisout.



Fascinated by the interplay of technology, business and management, Michal started the Steinbeis MBE study programme in 2011. Simultaneously working for a large car manufacturer, this allowed him to explore those interconnections in an industry for which technological innovations play a major role in business development. Michal is particularly interested in opportunities arising from the convergence of information technologies and automotive systems, and was one of the winners of the OFMN “Ask a CEO” competition in 2012 because of his addressing this topic. Before starting his MBE, Michal studied physics and completed a PhD in computational neuroscience.

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