Have a brilliant question? Then ask it!

You see them all over the news, on the TV, and hear them on the radio – Europe’s automotive CEOs and business leaders are at the forefront of pushing Europe’s future competitiveness and innovation, driving solutions and growth.

The CEOs will be coming to Brussels on 10 October to debate at the ‘Innovation for Europe, Skills for the Future roundtable.’ We want you to be at the debate, ready with questions!

What to do?

Create a video that Asks the CEOs the big question you’ve always wanted to ask these important business leaders. You can use your webcam, Windows Movie Maker, or cameraphone – however you like!
When you’re ready, fill in the form below. If your video is large, upload it to Youtube and send us the link!
If you would like more information, just go to www.futuremobilitynow.com//ask-a-ceo-more-information/ 

Need some inspiration?

Check out a few of the videos we made earlier!

This competition closed in August 2012. Thank you for entering!


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