Thursday 12 January 2012

OFMN Webinar #1: The Future of Urban Mobility? – With Toyota

WHERE: Online INFORMATION: 12 January 2012, 17h00

The Presentations
The presentation by Dr Herbst and Mr Akkermans can be found here. A recording of the event is also available

PresentationsACEA Webinar 2012-01-12 – Lars Akkermans and ACEA Webinar 2012-

The recording is best watched in full screeen at 720p resolution


Description of event

In the first of our monthly Manufacturer Focus webinars, Toyota explored the Future of Urban Mobility, and how Vehicle Manufacturers have a role to play in dealing with urban congestion.

The webinar was held on the 12 January 2012, at 17.00, with the meeting room opening about 15 before the start. Over 50 people managed to make it to the webinar!

People followed the meeting on twitter, the hashtag will be “#OFMNWebinar” and @fumono.

The webinar was hosted by two highly knowledgeable experts. Presenting was Stephan Herbst, Principal Project Manager at Toyota Motors Europe. He was joined by Lars Akkermans, Senior Researcher at the Transport & Mobility Research & Mobility Institute in Leuven, Belgium.

The webinar discussed:

  • European cities in terms of congestion and energy consumption linked to transport,
  • Describe young generations’ expectations in terms of car ownership and/or carsharing solutions,
  • Solutions as to how to improve transport issues in urban areas,
  • How to avoid unnecessary trips with the help of intelligent mobility solutions,
  • Improving energy consumption through technology improvements : hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric vehicles
  • Trip planning and infrastructure related solutions like the Intelligent Transport Society (ITS)
The Experts

Stephan Herbst

Dr. Stephan Herbst
Stephan Herbst is a Senior Manager at Toyota Motor Europe (TME). He studied business administration and economics and he holds a PhD in environmental cost management.
Stephan worked for seven years for a German OEM in Germany and China before joining TME in 2005. He was responsible for the environmental strategy of TME before moving to Toyota’s Global Headquarter in Japan looking after different environmental and energy related topics.
Back to Europe he is now responsible for Low Carbon Mobility and TME’s Sustainability Report.
Stephan is a member of Toyota’s global climate change and energy team and he is actively involved in mobility projects of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Lars Akkermans

Lars Akkermans

Lars Akkermans holds a master in Psychology. Currently, he is working as a researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven specialised in modelling human behaviour. His main area of expertise is the analysis of the implications of road safety measures and (transport) policy on human behaviour, society and the environment. Before joining Transport & Mobility Leuven, he worked for the Belgian Road Safety Institute and TNO Human Factors as a researcher for different European projects related to road safety as well as an analyst of different national and international measures in the field of enforcement, human interaction and technical advances in road safety. Merging and measuring theoretical models and practical implications has been a major part of his past work in the field of traffic law enforcement.

Toyota’s month starts in January 2012, and will be complemented by a range of exicting related content.

The webinar was held on the 12 January 2012, at 17.00. If you attended the event, please no not hesitate to send us your impressions.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them in! You can either post your questions in the comments box below, or you can email them to

For inspiration, check out some of Toyota’s youtube videos about their vision of future mobility and a blog, written by their team!


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  • Lisa the Car Addict

    Can’t wait to watch it!! :-)

  • Filip

    Can you provide me with login details for the webinar?
    Many thanks

    • delusignancharles

      Hi yes – you simply turn up on the day – then you just put in a screen name, and you’re in!

      • Mykola

        Sounds very interesting. 17 o’clock. In which timezone? Will there be a recording posted somewhere for later viewing? I am currently in Asia..

        • delusignancharles

          Hi there! thats 17.00 CET (so Brussels, Paris etc) And there will be a recording so that if you want to listen/watch, then you should be able to after the event. This is our first time, so we’re eager to learn how to make everything work and to help people access the content.

          Please let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Aris Kokkas

    It sounds very interesting and i ll follow it.

    • delusignancharles

      Great! Hope to see you there – if you have any questions on Urban Mobility already lined up, let us know!

      • Mykola

        Unfortunately it happened in the middle of the night for me.. Please post a link or location of the recording when it becomes available.

        • mk

          sorry to say we missed it too, so any postings of recordings would be great.

          • delusignancharles

            It’s coming soon – will let you know right away!